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EZ Stitch Floor Stand from American Dream Products ~ 1 only!

    EZ Stitch Floor Stand is the newest item in the American Dream Products line of needlework frames and stands.

    This floor stand is very sturdy and stable easily accomidates two-handed stitching. It is designed for larger projects and uses EZ Stitch Scroll Rods that are 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48". The stand is lightweight and moves easily on either hardwood or carpet. It is adjustable to many positions and sizes. The side supports have 18" of adjustable arm locations. The top and bottom cross braces expand in width from 24" to 48". The scroll frame can rotate a full 360° for quick, easy access to the back of your project.The stitcher can choose what height and depth the scroll frame is positioned toward them. There are 4 different foot placement options. The upper portion of the floor stand, which angles and lifts the frame, has 12" inches of adjustable positions. It also includes grooves to store floss bobbins along with holes designed for storing scissors, tweezers, or a highlighter. As with all of our EZ Stitch Products they are all interchangeable and uses the EZ Stitch Scroll Rods and Side Bars. The feet are assembled with a Phillips Head screwdriver while the rest is assembled using the EZ Stitch Knobs.

    Included in the EZ Stitch Floor Stand are two 10" side bars, 2  heavy duty 30" scroll rods coated with EZ Stitch Tape for Rods, a roll (3 yards) of EZ Stitch Tape for Fabric and 32 knobs (used in assembly and the hardware, which is provided). Along with all of the componets of the EZ Stitch Floor Stand (Legs, Feet, Arms, Elbows and Cross Braces) The EZ Stitch Floor Stand is Manufactured by American Dream Products.

    Due to the size and weight of this frame, it will need to be sent Parcel Post.

    EZ Stitch Floor Stand from American Dream Products ~ 1 only!

    Item# ADPFS
    Price: $589.95