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Esther Blackwood ~ Limited Edition ~ Traditional Stitches Exclusive ~ Hands Across the Sea Samplers

    We are excited to announce our upcoming Limited Edition, Exclusive Reproduction Sampler from Hands Across the Sea Samplers!

    Esther is a Canadian sampler...there will be much more information in her booklet but Nicola tempts us with the following: "Born Marie Esther Blackwood in 1843 in Quebec, the only child of Irish Catholic immigrants William Blackwood and Ann Lawlor."

    Notice that the bottom band of the sampler reads: Done at Mrs. Devine's School Anno 1853.  We may even know Esther's teacher!  Nicola tells us that there is a "A. Devine" listed in a Quebec directory from 1854 as a teacher living on King St. This street is in the St Roch district of Quebec, which also happens to be where the Blackwood family was living at the time, so it's possible that there is a connection."

    More information will be added to this page as it is available but we are so excited about Esther, we wanted to share this with you right away!  Our limited time discount on the purchase of chart, linen and threads expired at 5 pm MST September 30th, 2021.

    If your order is before #72370 and you ordered all 3 components, we will manually apply the discount when we process your order for shipping.  This discount did NOT appear in your shopping cart when you check out.

    The Esther Blackwood sampler is ONLY available from Traditional Stitches and it will be a Limited Edition sampler, so if you missed out on our Ann Morison Exclusive - and now out of print - sampler, please be sure to order Esther soon!

    Shipping began mid-October.  Our SAL start date of December 26, 2021.

    Please note: it will take us about 6 weeks to ship all of the orders we have received.  Please do not email or call for status updates before December 1st.  We have fully planned for all kits to arrive in plenty of time for the SAL start date.

    If you are a follower of Hands Across the Sea Samplers, you will know that December 26th is the HATS anniversary!  Nicola has generously invited us to start our SAL on their anniversary date as a part of the celebrations.

    The Esther Blackwood SAL will be a continuation of the wonderful community that we have built in our Ann Morison Facebook group.

    There will be a prize draw for antique sampler Martha Guthrie 1880 (shown in the last photo above) on December 26th, 2022 for those that complete the sampler within the SAL year.

    We do COLLECT your payment information at the time that you place your order.  We will process your payment when we are getting ready to ship your order. 

    Esther's sampler is cross stitch over two with a small amount of satin stitch (shown in the photo of the small saw tooth band above).  Our sampler is suitable for stitching on can either omit that little band or you can modify it for Aida. Please email us for selections if this is your preference.

    The stitch count is 330 x 335.

    We are offering your choice of counts of linen for this design in either hand dyed linen from Lakeside Linens or solid colored Legacy Linen. 

    30 count linen design size: 22" x 22.33"
    32 count linen design size: 20.63" x 20.94"
    36 count linen design size: 18.33" x 18.61"
    38 count linen design size: 17.37" x 17.63"
    40 count linen design size: 16.5" x 16.75"
    45 count linen design size: 14.67" x 14.89"

    Your thread choices are:

    DMC floss ~ this will work with all of our offered linen counts.  You will likely need to use two strands for 30 count and 32 count.

    Soie d'Alger silk thread - this is a good choice for 36 to 45 count linen using one strand of silk thread.  If you enjoy a bit sparser thread coverage, you could also use one strand on 32 count linen but please keep in mind that thread coverage is a matter of personal preference.

    Soie 100/3 silk thread - this is a good choice for 40 count and higher linens.  You can use it on 36 or 38 count linen but please keep in mind that the thread coverage will be a bit thinner and this thread isn't a great choice for using more than 1 strand in your needle.


    Shipping will being mid-October 2021.  Orders will be shipping in the order that they are received. 

    Orders for KITS (chart, linen, thread) will be shipped using a trackable, insured shipping method.  Please expect the following approximate costs:

    Within Canada: $12 to $25 depending on your postal code (we are located in Calgary, Alberta)

    To the US: approximately $21 (in Canadian funds)

    Outside of North America: approximately $38 and up depending on country (in Canadian funds)

    Orders for CHARTS only will be shipped in an envelope with a stiffening insert using the least expensive, non-trackable letter mail option.  Please note that at the time of writing, we do not have the charts to weigh for exact costs.  My estimate is that they will weigh about 250 grams each so estimates are based on that.  The actual price may go down from these estimates but I do not expect it to go up.

    Please expect the following approximate costs for chart only orders:

    Within Canada: $5.00

    To the US: $13

    Within the UK: pricing to follow - will be shipped directly from Hands Across the Sea Samplers

    Outside of North America and the UK: $22.00

    Please note that our Esther spells her name with an "h".  Searches for Ester may not bring up the correct results.

    Esther Blackwood ~ Limited Edition ~ Traditional Stitches Exclusive ~ Hands Across the Sea Samplers

    Item# HATSEB
    Price: See Options For Pricing
    Please note that all prices are in Canadian Funds:
    Esther Blackwood Chart:
    Please choose from the following:
    Hand Dyed linen from Lakeside Linens:
    Solid colored Legacy Linen from Access Commodities:
    18 count Aida Parchment/Dk Ecru (solid color) 1 yard ~ $62.00
    18 count Aida Vintage Country Mocha (stamped variegation) 1 yard ~ $68.00