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About Us


My name is Janice Spencer. You'll see as your browse though our web site that my stitching passion is samplers of all types and primitive, folky designs. My introduction to samplers came when I joined the Deerely Wrought Sampler Guild (email me for more information...I love to talk about our guild!) in 1999. I quickly came to appreciate the historical context of sampler making and textiles. These were the days before the internet offered the variety of threads and linens that we have access to today and out of the challenges of finding fine silk threads, high count linens and a range of books and charts, Traditional Stitches came to be.

I also enjoy vegetable gardening and landscaping and live on a large lot that allows me to do both. I love to read and wish that there were enough hours in the day to work through all of the knitting and quilting projects that I collect. Oh...and I run when I can. I have completed 12 or so half marathons and one full marathon. I belong to an incredibly supportive local running club and join them as often as I can.

I started Traditional Stitches in September 2000. I know that I am extremely fortunate to be able to pay the bills owning a business that I love. And the best part is that I love stitching even more now than ever before.

I have a fantastic team around me. Kathleen (Kitty) is our fantastic customer service specialist. You will likely talk or email with her about your orders with us. Leanne is our expert mail order gal. She makes sure that your orders are packed accurately and safely for their journey to your mail box. I look forward to introducing you a fourth member of our team early in 2015.

One...or sometimes all 3 of us...are here to help you in the shop during our regular business hours. We've got wonderful south facing windows for "floss tosses" and choosing fabrics. Come for a visit...I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at how much our shop has to offer!

We do a lot of mail order - both through our web site and our toll free telephone line. Our goal has always been to try to create the experience of visiting a needlework shop even though you can't actually be here with us. That goes for both helping you choose and kit your next project as well as building personal relationships and having our customers feel like they can turn to us to ask "how to" or "what do you think"?

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy your time visiting our web site. We look forward to hearing from you.