40 count Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Newcastle Linen ~ Collector Program

    By joining our 40 count Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Linen Collector Program, you will have a beautiful new linen package delivered automatically each month!

    We will keep track of the colors that we send you and will never send duplicates. Each piece will be individually packaged in a zip lock bag complete with a descriptive label. Each fabric is 100 % linen.

    Please choose your package from the drop down menu above.

    When you join the Picture This Plus Collector Program, we will mail your linen each month at a savings of 10% off of the retail price ($186.00/yard) of your chosen cut size(s).

    And of course we can customize your program to your current stash! Simply enter the names of 40 count hand dyed Picture This Plus fabrics that you already have (and/or that you don't want doubles of) into the text box above and we will be sure not to include them with your packages.

    Each month, your package will be shipped according to the date that you placed your order. For example, if you place your order on the 15th of a month, your package will ship approximately the 15th of each month from then on.

    Please join our Collector Program!  Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

    • Our Collector Program works like a "club" or an "...of the month" automatic shipment.  We keep track of the colors that we send to you and each month you will automatically receive a shipment from us.
    • Minimum 3 month commitment - Collector Programs take some time to set up and administer so we ask that you commit to a minimum of 3 months before changing or cancelling your Collector Program.
    • If you do need to cancel after 3 months, it must be done by email ONLY and we need to receive your request a minimum of 2 weeks before your monthly shipment date.
    • We will mail your first package as soon as we can once we receive your order.  Subsequent packages will be sent about the same time each month, give or take a few days.
    • You are welcome to make any additions to your monthly shipment by email or through our web site to help save on postage.  We have systems in place to combine your regular orders with your Collector Program packages.  We will plan to hold any additions to send with your next package unless you let us know that you would like something sent sooner.

    40 count Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Newcastle Linen ~ Collector Program

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    Price: See Options For Pricing
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    Please enter the color names of the Picture This Plus 40ct linen that you have (and/or don't want doubles of) here:

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