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What Remains is Love ~ Blackbird Designs ~ Exclusive ~ Pre-orders for the Sixth (& Final) Batch

    We are thrilled to present you with this Exclusive design from Blackbird Designs to celebrate Traditional Stitches' 20th Anniversary!

    July 22, 2021 Update:  Batch #4 is complete EXCEPT for about 150 orders that we are waiting for supplies to arrive.  The supplies have all been shipped to us so we expect to complete those orders during the first week of August.  Please do not feel the need to email or call us about these orders...they will be shipped to you as soon as we can. 

    I'm actually happily surprised that we haven't run into a supply "pause" like this until now so we can certainly work with it.

    While we are waiting for those supplies to arrive, we have started to ship what we can from Batch #5.  As supplies arrive to us, we expect that it will take us until about the middle of August to complete Batch #5.

    We have opened up Batch #6 and those will start to ship about the middle of August as soon as #5 is complete.

    We are down to our last 2 boxes of What Remains is Love charts and we will not be reprinting this design, so orders should be placed within the next 3 weeks or so to ensure availability.

    We will email you a copy of your Sales Receipt on the day that your package goes into the mail so that you will know to start watching for it then.  Please do not email us to ask the status of your order...every email that we have to answer takes away from packing orders.


    Batch #1 includes up to order number #62382 - shipping complete

    Batch #2 will included orders from #62383 to #62801 - shipping complete

    Batch #3 will include orders from #62802 to #64585 - shipping complete

    Batch #4 will include orders from #64586 to #66742 - shipping in progress

    Batch #5 will include orders from #66743 to #69122 - shipping will be in full swing by the end of July

    Batch #6 will include orders from #69123 until our charts run out - shipping will begin mid-August


    The photos above are: the cover image for our booklet (the final image will be tweaked a bit for color), my shop model (stitched on 40 count linen using hand dyed cotton floss) and our Fibers to Dye For silk thread conversion (Kathleen will be stitching a model on 36 count linen using Amy's threads).  

    This design is exclusively available through Traditional Stitches.

    Advance orders through our web site are welcome and recommended.

    We have been working closely with our linen and thread suppliers.  Given the current challenges of the needlework supply chain, we are very grateful that they have all been so willing to work with us on this!

    And now to our lovely sampler!

    What Remains is Love was designed to celebrate Traditional Stitches' 20th Anniversary.  Our sincerely thanks go to Barb and Alma at Blackbird Designs for creating this beauty for us!

    The model was stitched on 36 count Weeks Dye Works hand dyed linen in Straw using hand dyed cotton floss from Weeks Dye Works, the Gentle Art and Classic Colorworks.

    We are offering Zweigart based Weeks Dye Works hand dyed linen in Straw in your choice of counts.  Please choose from the drop down box above.

    In addition to the hand dyed cotton floss, our friend Amy Mitten of Fibers to Dye For has done a *gorgeous* conversion to her hand dyed silk thread for us!  Please choose your thread from the drop down box above.

    We have also enjoyed working with LaDonna of Sampling of Memories to create beautiful thread rings featuring an image of our What Remains is Love sampler.  At the time of writing, these are still in production but I'll post a photo as soon as I can. 

    Please note that all of our prices are in Canadian funds.

    The stitch count for our sampler is 165 wide x 171 high.

    The stitches used are cross stitch over two, Smyrna cross and satin stitch.  An alphabet is provided to personalize your sampler.

    The sizes for the linen counts that we are offering are:

    28 count: design size is 11.8" x 12.25" plus framing allowance
    32 count: design size is 10.3" x 10.7" plus framing allowance
    36 count: design size is 9.2" x 9.5" plus framing allowance
    40 count: design size is 8.25" x 8.55" plus framing allowance

    The thread packs will include enough thread for cross stitch over 2, using ONE strand of either cotton floss or silk thread on all of the linen counts offered.  The thread choices will work well on all counts of linen offered, so please just choose your favorite count of linen and either hand dyed cotton floss or hand dyed silk floss.

    Please note that Amy's silk thread (Fibers to Dye For) is single strand so you use it as it comes off of the skein (no separating required).  There are 25 yards per skein so if you choose the silk thread option, there are 2 colors that you will need 2 skeins of, which is why the quantity of her silk is 11 skeins whereas the cotton floss is a total of 9 skeins.

    If you are stitching on 28 count or 32 count and prefer to use two strands of thread, please email us.  We haven't done a model this way so we don't know exact thread usage but can give some guidance. 

    Please note to due to the wide range of products that are available on our web site, we aren't able to create a shipping option at checkout that gives a flat rate amount for your destination.  If we did that, the shopping cart system wouldn't allow you to add any non-What Remains items to your shipment, and we certainly welcome you to order any other items to help spread out the postage costs.

    Orders for KITS (chart, linen, thread) will be shipped in a stiff cardboard mailer using a trackable, insured shipping method.  Please expect the following approximate costs:
    Within Canada: $12 to $25 depending on your postal code (we are located in Calgary, Alberta)
    To the US: approximately $16 (in Canadian funds)
    Outside of North America:  $24 and up depending on country (in Canadian funds)

    Orders for CHARTS only will be shipped in an envelope with a stiffening insert using the least expensive, non-trackable letter mail option.  Please expect the following approximate costs:
    Within Canada: $3.75
    To the US: $6.15
    Outside of North America: $11.70

    What Remains is Love ~ Blackbird Designs ~ Exclusive ~ Pre-orders for the Sixth (& Final) Batch

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    Please note that all prices are in Canadian Funds:
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