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Metallic Soft Twist Trim Cords #16 ~ 1m lengths

    The manufacturer tells us: "This is a versatile product that can be attached in a variety of ways for all types of embellishment and needlework finishing. Aside from being very attractive, the next best thing about our Soft Twist Trim Cord is its composition and manufacture. It is not stiff or wiry like other metallic braids. You can make a sinuous ā€œSā€ curve, or turn a corner without any difficulty. Often I find that some embroidery material products do not easily provide the result that is required for the effect I am trying to achieve. This product will even make beautiful loops without kinks."

    The size 16 comes in 1m lengths, is approximately 2mm thick and is available in many different colors. We recommend a size 16 Tapestry needle for the Size 16 cord.

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    Metallic Soft Twist Trim Cords #16 ~ 1m lengths

    Item# ACMSTC16
    Price: $4.95
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