Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl ~ 1 yard

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    1 yard lengths.

    Have you ever looked at an antique sampler or casket and seen the dimensional "stuff" that is used to make moss or grass or hair that looks like spiral coils in different colors that stands out from the embroidery? Well...this is a re-creation of that and the possibilities are amazing...both in reproduction work, "in the style of" work and in modern design.

    It is a coil of metal thread not quite 2 mm in outside diameter wrapped tightly with silk thread. You can't really see the metal but it is there to give the coil its shape and stability.

    Due to the thickness of this item, it will be shipped by parcel post.

    Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl ~ 1 yard

    Item# ACSWPP
    Price: $13.95
    Met 6247 Beaver
    Met 6234 Brasell
    Met 6246 Clove
    Met 6260 Columbine
    Met 6271 Dead Gold
    Met 6163 Doeskin
    Met 6233 Dry Rose
    Met 6268 Flax Seede
    Met 6245 Folimort
    Met 6213 Garance
    Met 6235 Garnet
    Met 6203 Gendarme Blue
    Met 6270 Gingerline
    Met 6139 Heraldic Blue
    Met 6274 Herbaceous
    Met 6090 Indigo
    Met 6263 Lionnin
    Met 6266 Marroquin
    Met 6276 Myrtle Green
    Met 6272 Olive
    Met 6030 Pale Pink
    Met 6262 Parma Violet
    Met 6265 Partridge
    Met 6205 Pavonaceous
    Met 6135 Pearl Pink
    Met 6273 Pease Porridge
    Met 6134 Purple
    Met 6231 Pyncke
    Met 6015 Red
    Met 6111 Red Clay
    Met 6204 Saxon Blue
    Met 6206 Sea Water
    Met 6169 Soot Brown
    Met 6171 Thatch Brown
    Met 6202 Turchino
    Met 6166 Walnut Wainscot
    Met 6211 Wimple White
    Met 6041 Yellow Green
    Met 6243 Zeildoek

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