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Canada Kit ~ Excursion #7 Samplers/Around the World Every 80 Days/Amy Mitten/Fibers to Dye For

    This is the seventh kit in Amy's series "From Around the World in 80 Days". Please visit the link below for information about ordering the kits in the series automatically.

    Each stitcher that orders a kit in the series will receive a special personalized Passport to commemorate your stitching journey. The next kit in the series will be available every 80 days.

    You can order each kit individually or please visit the link for the series below to receive each kit in the series as it becomes available.

    Amy tells us: "In 2017, Canada will be 150 years old. It seemed fitting to create an Excursion piece to represent the embroidery that was done in Canada around 1867, the time of confederation and the birth of Canada as a nation.

    Canada is a sampler made up of my representations of some of the styles and motifs of the First Nations embroidery done on Birch Bark. I have scanned pieces of Birch Bark that I collected near Ottawa and printed it onto cotton fabric to make stitching easier for you but still give the effect of Birch Bark as the ground material. This is a unique project as the kit includes real moose, horse and elk hair as your embroidery threads, along with porcupine quills, white pine needles, turkey and goose feathers!"

    The finished size is approximately 10 1/2" X 5 1/2".

    Stitches used are Satin Stitch, Tufting, Couching and Zigzag Quillwork.

    The kit includes 100% cotton with Birch Bark print and design outline, needles, Amy's hand dyed silk thread, imitation sinew, Moose Mane dyed in 8 colors, Horse Tail Hair dyed in 3 colors, Elk Hair dyed in 2 colors, Porcupine Quills dyed in 5 colors, Turkey Feather, Goose feathers dyed in 2 colors, White Pine Needles, interfacing, color photograph and detailed instructions.

    Canada Kit ~ Excursion #7 Samplers/Around the World Every 80 Days/Amy Mitten/Fibers to Dye For

    Item# AMDCanada
    Price: $129.00

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