Not For Us Alone kit from Amy Mitten Designs / Fibers to Dye For

    From Amy Mitten Designs / Fibers to Dye For

    I've stitched this one myself, so I'm happy to help if you have any questions.

    Amy writes murder mystery samplers where the symbolism of the story is portrayed on the sampler. Each chapter of the story is illustrated by a new segment of an 18th century style pictorial sampler. As the story unfolds and the sampler evolved, the mystery is revealed.

    The stitches used include rice, montenegrin, reversible cross, cross, half cross, double running, satin, tent, buttonhole wheel, queen, seed, tied leaf, van dyke leaf, eyelet, brick pattern stitch, tied upright cross, smyrna cross and alternating tent.

    The design size is 11-3/4- x 14-1/8 inches on 36-count linen. The fibers used are Amy's hand-dyed silks that she dyes herself.

    The kit includes 36-count Zweigart linen, mystery story with 7 chapters plus conclusion, Fibers to Dye For hand-dyed silk threads separated on color cards, color photos of each section and the entire piece, needle, detailed stitch instructions and diagrams.

    Not For Us Alone kit from Amy Mitten Designs / Fibers to Dye For

    Item# AMDNFUA
    Price: $240.00

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