Fabulous House (2024) series ~ Cottage Garden Samplings

    Fabulous House series - a 12 part series released in 2023/2024!

    Please choose this item if you wish to purchase the Complete series. We will send one design per month as they arrive. The designs in this series will be $15.95 each plus shipping as they are released.

    If you are interested in individual designs, see the Related Items below.

    The first chart in this series is #1 Santa's House!

    This series is similar to other past series' - it can be stitched as individual designs or stitched as one overall design including all 12 charts. We have included a number of different linen sizes to suit everyone's needs. If you are ordering the Yard piece to stitch each design individually, you will need to cut this piece to size for your 12 designs!

    Individual design stitch counts will be 120 x 120 stitches! The complete 12 Fabulous House design will measure 370 W x 495 H.

    Designer has suggested stitching on 40 count Prehistoric hand dyed linen from Fox & Rabbit. We are also suggesting Pearl Grey linen from Zweigart as an alternate more readily available linen with a similar look.

    If you are stitching the complete series as one piece, Cottage Garden Samplings suggests 3 designs across with 4 rows of houses. Designs are stitched with 5 stitches in between next design.

    Models were stitched with a combination of hand dyed cotton floss and DMC.  We have also listed 36 count choice linens, but if you would like to stitch on another count, just contact us and we can assist with your supplies for the new choice!

    For the hand dyed linen, if you prefer to stitch each design on an individual piece and have the wide eighth piece sent with each chart, please note there may be a variance in the dye lot of the linens. We cannot guarantee they will be the same for each order if these are sent with each newly released chart - to insure they are the same, we strongly suggest ordering the full yard piece to guarantee the same dye lot.

    Please check the boxes above to add these items to your order.

    For more information on this series, visit the Cottage Garden Samplings website here

    Fabulous House (2024) series ~ Cottage Garden Samplings

    Item# CGSFHCP
    Price: See Options For Pricing
    Fabulous House Series chart:
    Please choose your Fox & Rabbit hand dyed linen cut size from list below:
    Please choose your Pearl Grey Zweigart linen cut size from list below:
    Threads for Series Kit All threads for each design ~ Price & Quantity to be Determined
    Hand dyed & DMC floss for Series No Duplicates ~ Price & Quantity to be Determined
    Hand dyed threads ONLY for each design ~ Price & Quantity to be Determined

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