DMC floss ~ 16 New Colors

    DMC is excited to announce the addition of NEW colors to the DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss range for the first time in nearly 15 years! These beautiful new colors were developed with input from designers to expand existing color families to provide even more subtle shading and depth.

    The collection features eight soft, natural shades and eight bright, vibrant hues.

    Color numbers are 3880, 3881, 3882, 3883, 3884, 3885, 3886, 3888, 3889, 3890, 3891, 3892, 3893, 3894, and 3895.

    These new colors are only available in this package for now. DMC may release them individually in the future.

    Includes color instructions for three free cross stitch designs featuring all 16 new colors.

    DMC floss ~ 16 New Colors

    Item# DMC16New
    Price: $19.50