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Color Infusions Thread from DMC

    The color infusions line includes four different types of threads in a total of 36 beautiful colors. Thread types include:
    - Memory Thread
    - Sparklers
    - Silky
    - Cotton Cord

    Please choose your color from the drop down menu above.

    Use Color Infusions to create embellishments on paper, cards, scrapbook pages, needlework and other art and craft projects.

    Each thread is hand-wrapped on clear recyclable shuttles to keep them organized and ready to use. Notches on the shuttles hold the thread in place once in use.

    DMC Color Infusions threads are: - Acid-free
    - Fade Resistant
    - Colorfast

    Memory Thread: A soft fiber wrapped copper wire that is easily shaped and formed to add extra dimension and texture. Use it to create embellishments for paper crafts and needlework.

    Memory Thread is ideal to outline designs, create shapes and words, twist into spirals, tie on to cards - the possibilities are endless! Once you start using it, you'll think of so many other uses.

    To apply Memory Thread embellishments to paper, use a quick dry glue that dries clear and is made especially for papercrafting. You should test a small piece first to ensure you have an adhesive that works.

    To apply Memory Thread to needlework, simply tack it down as needed with a single strand of matching thread.

    Sparklers: Beautiful blended metallic color threads that add sparkle. Divisible into six strands. Available in 8 sparkling color blends.

    Sparklers will add extra dazzle to your projects. The thread can be used by an individual strand for more delicate details or use all six strands for a bolder look.

    Silky: Highly lustrous rayon threads that add silky smoothness and sheen. Divisible into six strands. Available in 8 vibrant colors.

    Silky is perfect for stitching, making fringe, tying and wrapping. You can use the strands individually for delicate details. You may want to use a thread conditioner such as Thread Heaven for stitching applications.

    Cotton Cord: Fine twisted over-dyed cotton threads with beautiful blended shades. Available in 8 colors.

    Cotton cord is a dream to stitch with, it makes beautiful fringe and it is great to tie around the edge of a card or to use to tie on tags and other embellishments.

    Color Infusions Thread from DMC

    Item# DMCCI
    Price: $4.95
    6150 Orange - 1 only!
    6160 Green ~ 2 only!
    6170 Yellow - 3 only!
    6350 Light Yellow - 2 only!