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Fine D'Aubusson Wool from Au Ver a Soie

    The Fine D'Aubusson tapestry wool is from Au Ver a Soie in France. Although it is labeled as tapestry wool, we would be more familiar referring to is as crewel wool as it is quite fine.

    It is lovely, soft, fine wool to use for crewel embroidery, canvas work and cross stitch.

    There are 8 metres (8.7 yards) per skein but you'll see when you take it out of the skein that there is actually 32 metres because the strands are in bundles of 4. You would use one strand for cross stitch and then play with how many strands you like to work with for canvas work and crewel embroidery, depending on the effect that you are after.

    It is currently available in 89 colors. 100% Merino wool. Color fast.

    For the most part, the color numbering system is the same as that used for Soie d'Alger silk thread.

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    Fine D'Aubusson Wool from Au Ver a Soie

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