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Bird in the Hand series from Heart in Hand Needleart

    Heart in Hand tells us "that more than 15 years ago, they released a little kit entitled Checkerbird. He was a big hit and flew out the door. Because the kit included a pillow, we were limited to the fabric we could find to make the pillows. So Checkerbird was discontinued quickly but not before he developed a large flock of friends. We still get requests for him that we sadly cannot fulfill. So that got me thinking......what if we could reintroduce Checkerbird in a different format and develop a new series for the "nest" generation of bird-loving stitchers? So I "hatched" the Bird in the Hand series! Each design is a stand alone small chart. In honor of the original Checkerbird, a similar little bird will roost in each design as will a little checkerboard pattern. Tucked into a sampler format, seasonal motifs will always include other flying friends. And so, without "feather" ado....."

    Each chart includes embellishments. Please note that by ordering this item, you are agreeing to purchase all of the charts in this series. Each chart will be $12.50. Each design will be charged and mailed as it is released.

    Bird in the Hand series from Heart in Hand Needleart

    Item# HIHBHCP
    Price: $12.50
    Legacy Cashel linen from Picture this Plus ~ To be determined.
    Threads ~ To be determined.
    All charts in the series

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