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Just CrossStitch Magazine Collector Program

    The Traditional Stitches Collector Programs have been created to help you ensure that your needlework collections are complete.

    When you join the Just CrossStitch Magazine Collector Program, we will mail you the latest issue of the magazine as soon as it arrives in our doors!

    Your membership in the Collector Program will begin with the next issue of Just CrossStitch Magazine.

    We also have a Collector Program for back issues of Just CrossStitch that you can customize to your current collection! When you sign up for the Back Issues Collector Program, simply tell us which issues you already have and we will mail you one magazine each month until your collection is complete.

    Please note that the price of Just CrossStitch magazine fluctuates with the different issues, especially the Halloween and annual Ornaments issues.

    Just CrossStitch Magazine Collector Program

    Item# JCSCP
    Price: $10.95
    Please send all regular issues @ $10.95 each
    Please send all regular issues plus special Halloween & Ornaments issues ~ prices may vary