Gardenesque Workshop with Jackie Du Plessis ~ Saturday October 17th & 18th, 2020

    Saturday, October 17th - stitching and finishing class for smalls (does not include hand painted box or finishing supplies for interior of box) - kit $225 USD (approximately $300 Canadian) plus daily workshop fee = approx. $450 Canadian - will be added to your shopping cart.

    Sunday, October 18th - hand painted wood box and finishing kit - kit $400 USD(approximately $535 Canadian) plus daily workshop fee = approx. $685 Canadian - this class is optional - please check the box above to add this day to your order.

    Please note that any scissors, thimbles etc. shown in the photos above are not included in the kit.

    Jackie tells us: "Spend Saturday stitching a series of needlework accessories to outfit the glorious hand painted Gardeneque hand-painted wooden basket including:

    - the feminine sewing roll stores a tiny thimble in it's stuffed pincushion section. and has two storage sections - one for pins and the other for needles.

    - the needle book, is designed to never show it's back, depending on which way the butterfly flies - that;s the indication to which sizes of needle are on to the top. 

     - a darling pin-cube

    - button pouch

    "On Sunday we will work on the finishing of the lining, pincushions and drawer of the basket. The basket is approximately 5”x7” in size, with a lifting lid on each side of the handle.  Both lids will be finished to become functional as pincushions and an interior pin-keep and button pocket.. The basket has a swing handle and at the bottom a pull-out drawer for more treasures, running the length of the basket. The basket is made of tiger-wood maple and the lids, handle, and drawer have a handpainted design of flowers, leaves, and a border.  The pull out draw holds scissor, thread winder and waxer as well as a built-in button container. 

    The kit includes 35 count linen, Mokuba ribbons, hand-dyed silk fibers, silk taffata, velveteen...all of the supplies needed to complete project as seen.

    Scissor and pins not included in kit - but the scissor can be pre-ordered.

    The Scrimshaw thread keeps can be ordered ahead of time for you to pick up at class.

    This is usually a two day class that includes the smalls and the hand painted box as a complete set.  We've chosen to create two separate classes so that those who would prefer to opt out of Sunday's hand painted box class are able to do so.

    The daily workshop fee will be $150 (Canadian funds) and will include Jackie's teaching and travel, conference room space, lunch, tea, coffee, and snacks.  A $50 non-refundable portion of the workshop fee will be due at the time of registration for each class.  The balance of the workshop fee ($100) and the kit will be charged in full on September 16th, 2020 and will be non-refundable after that time.

    The price for the kits have been given to us in US dollars.  We will do a final conversion to Canadian funds in September of 2020 when the balance of the workshop is due.  The amount that your shopping cart will show includes a rough estimate for the conversion for the kit and the workshop fee.  Jackie will be teaching for us for a total of 3 days...if you sign up for all 3 days, the total daily workshop fee (3 x $150 = $450) will be discounted ($425) on your final balance when we manually process that in September.

    The class kit and optional items are only available to those that attend the workshop.

    The workshop will be held at the Best Western Residency hotel which is located on the north end of Calgary, near the airport.  It has a complimentary airport shuttle, restaurant, pool and close access to restaurants.  Each room has a small galley kitchen.  You can view more hotel details here.

    We have negotiated a group rate for our time at the hotel.  More information about the hotel will be emailed to registrants in early May.  The room rates will start at $109 plus tax per night and includes a continental breakfast each morning.  You will be making your hotel room bookings directly with the hotel when the room block is open in May.

    Those of you would live nearby are welcome to attend the workshops without staying at the hotel if you choose to do so.

    Please be sure to consider Jackie's other teaching piece for the weekend, Behold Thy Beauty, which is linked in the related items section below.

    Gardenesque Workshop with Jackie Du Plessis ~ Saturday October 17th & 18th, 2020

    Item# JduPGardenesque
    Price: $450.00
    Add Sunday Class October 18th - includes hand painted box and finishing of inside of box approx. $685 Canadian
    Scrimshaw Set - includes 4 thread winders and customized name plate $250 USD ~ approx. $335.00 Canadian
    Scissors ~ price to be determined