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Jane Fiddes Thread keep from The Floss Queen

    Acrylic thread keeps made by Cathe (aka The Floss Queen). This style features the strawberry motif from Hands Across The Sea's Jane Fiddes 1835 sampler. We are co-sponsors of the 2020 SAL and this threadkeep commemorates that.

    Colors of acrylic are Seaglass Frosted, Clear Frosted and Caribbean. Seaglass and Clear are transparent frosted acrylic, while Caribbean is an opaque frosted acrylic style.

    You can write on acrylic with a fine tip Sharpie. To remove the writing use a tiny amount of alcohol on a cotton swab. Do not use too much alcohol as it can cause acrylic to get fine lines in it (called crazing).

    Please choose your prefered colour from the drop down list above.

    Jane Fiddes Thread keep from The Floss Queen

    Item# JFTK
    Price: $21.95
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