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Martha Morris from Mill on the Floss Samplers

    Mill on the Floss tells us "Martha has stitched a large sampler. The original sampler is sectioned into three definite parts and she has used her linen wisely, packing in as many motifs as she could.

 The top third is dominated by some very strong and popular motifs. She gives us a little boy and girl along side the Tree of Life with Adam and Eve. The line is finished with a Dutch or Flemish-style house. There are areas of England with such architecture. Maybe Martha was inspired by a building near where she lived. 

There are elephants and crowns and, possibly they are turkeys above the Tree of Life?


The middle section is dominated by the verse: To My Ever Honoured Parent,  On this fair canvas does my needle write, With love and duty both I this indite
 Each pleasing, View each finished line appear, To shew the improvement of my growing year, With gratitude to God my heart I raise,That I am early taught to seek his way, For this my constant care both morn and night, Shall be to give you comfort and delight, And in these lines dear parents I impart,The tenderest feelings of a grateful heart

    Looking at the way Martha has had to position that very last line, it would suggest that she stitched the whole section first before placing the verse, which is bordered on either side by a three pronged bush and a cute little squirrel. This section is separated from the bottom third by a strawberry band; a familiar band pattern in samplers, usually used as a complete border. 

The bottom third is a cornucopia of flora and fauna. It’s almost as if Martha has taken her inspiration from the explorers of the day and has crammed as much as she can into the space. There is a large central potted flower motif, topped by a spectacular butterfly and bordered with crowns. Two cute little owls finish that top row. More flowers and trees fill the bottom space, with dogs and other animals filling in any spare spaces. Martha has used her linen well. A pretty, but simple flower border encases the whole sampler.

    Design is stitched in cross stitch over 2 with some Algerian Eyelets and Satin stitch and is suitable for those who wish to stitch on Linen or Aida.

    Stitch count is 300 W x 413 H.

    We suggest stitching on 36 or 40 count Antique White linen from Zweigart and stitching with Soie d'Alger silks or DMC Cotton floss.

    Please check the boxes above to add the chart, linen and threads to your order.

    Martha Morris from Mill on the Floss Samplers

    Item# MFSMM
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    Martha Morris chart:
    36 count Antique White Edinburgh linen from Zweigart 36" x 27" ~ $55.00
    40 count Antique White Newcastle linen from Zweigart 36" x 27" ~ $55.00
    Silks from Soie d'Alger 22 skeins ~ $165.00
    DMC Cotton floss conversion for this design 22 skeins ~ $27.50

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