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Mill Hill Glass Pony Beads Size 8

    Please note that the prices for these vary a bit so each number is priced individually. Please choose your color number from the drop down list above.

    3 mm in diameter. Hole is approx. 1mm.

    Approx 275 per package.

    The following colors are available:

    18002 Midnight
    18010 Ice
    18011 Victorian Gold
    18014 Black
    18027 Caspian Blue
    18046 Matte Cadet Blue
    18081 Jet
    18099 Ruby
    18123 Cream
    18221 Bronze
    18801 White Opal
    18812 Opal Periwinkle
    18819 Opal Blush
    18820 Opal Persimmon
    18821 Opal Dark Mauve
    18822 Golden Opal
    18823 Frosted Opal Smokey Topaz
    18824 Opal Lilac
    18825 Iced Nutmeg
    18826 Opal Hyacinth
    18827 Matte Confetti Amethyst
    18828 Opal Seafoam
    18829 Opal Cornflower
    18830 Ocean Blue Ice
    18831 Golden Emerald

    Mill Hill Glass Pony Beads Size 8

    Item# MH8
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