Pine Rectangular Scalloped Wooden Trays

    These scalloped trays are made from natural unfinished pine wood.
    The trays have slot handles for easy carrying and they are tapered so the top is wider than the bottom. When not in use, the trays stack for easy shipping and storage.
    At the widest/highest points, the interior of the trays measures:
    Small      11” x 7 ½” x 1 ¾”
    Medium  12” x 8 ¾” x 1 ¾”
    Large      13” x 10” x 1 ¾”

    Please select your preferred size from the list above.

    If the tray is added to your order, it will need to be sent via Parcel Post due to its size and fragile nature.

    Pine Rectangular Scalloped Wooden Trays

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