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Alphabet Series from the Prairie Schooler

    Please check the option you would like for the charts that you would like from the list above.

    The designs call for 32 count linen and DMC floss. If there is enough interest, we will do a conversion to hand dyed cotton and/or silk thread with the purchase of those threads to stitch the complete design.

    We have made our best guess as to the quantity of threads that will be required, however, you may find that you need to order additional skeins. Please be sure to complete a block with the skein that you have and start the next block with the new skein. Please contact us if you find that you need more thread.

    You can choose to stitch the design over one or over two. If stitching over two, we suggest using 32 count Lambswool linen. If you are stitching over one, we suggest 25 count Lugana.

    We have played with layouts and we like the 4 blocks across and 7 blocks down layout the best so the fabric cuts listed above will work for that, with 2 empty stitches between each block. If you would prefer a cut for a different layout, please email us and we will be happy to work that out.

    The 4 x 7 layout will leave you with one empty block for the bottom right corner of the sampler...the perfect place for personalizing and dating your work.

    Alphabet Series from the Prairie Schooler

    Item# PS Alphabet Series
    Price: See Options For Pricing
    No Charts Required ~ I Already Own Them!
    ABC ~ $19.50
    DEF ~ $19.50
    GHI ~ $19.50
    JKL ~ $19.50
    MNO ~ $11.95
    PQR ~ $11.95
    STU ~ $11.95
    VWX ~ $19.50
    Y & Z ~ $19.50
    40 count Lambswool linen 18" x 55" (2" framing allowance on the sides) ~ $71.00
    32 count Lambswool Linen 36" x 55" (you will have a good size piece left over) ~ $148.00
    25 count Cream Lugana for stitching over one 36" x 26" ~ $41.00
    DMC Cotton floss, 53 skeins ~ $66.25
    Needlepoint Inc Silk Thread 53 skeins ~ $421.35