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Splendor Silk Thread from Rainbow Gallery

    From the Rainbow Gallery web site: "This is a 12-ply silk floss with an unusual construction. It has three bundles of four strands each. It is easiest if you pull the bundles out first and then take out each strand. The twist of each individual strand is tighter than most silks. This makes Splendor easier to use. It will not snag on all but the roughest hands. Be careful to ply and lay the silk to keep the nice shine. I have also stitched with each bundle as it comes. This silk is perfect for people who have been afraid of silks. Many of the usual problems experienced with silk will not occur with Splendor. Anyone that stitches with cotton floss will have no problem with it. (6 strands on 14 count, 4 strands on 18 count, 2 strands on Congress Cloth)"

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    Splendor Silk Thread from Rainbow Gallery

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