Soie d'Alger Color Card ~ Temporarily out of stock

    21 pages which contain actual thread color samples. Also includes Silk care information to insure your silk creation is well cared for, hints for using the Colour Selction Guide, a complete colour list and cross-reference guide to other Au Ver A Soie silks.

    Instead of the typical numerical thread listing, the new Soie d'Alger Colour Guides have taken the time to sort each of the colors according to its color family and then arrange them in order of shades, hues and tints. The result? A user friendly system of choosing, shading, painting and working with color that can be used by a color-phobic person like me or a color teacher.This book is so much more than just a thread color card!

    Soie d'Alger, Soie chenille, Soie Gobelins, Soie Ovale, and Soie de Paris all share the same color numbering system, so this color card will be useful for all these types, although not all Soie d'Alger colors are offered in the other lines.

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    Soie d'Alger Color Card ~ Temporarily out of stock

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