Soie Gobelins Collector Program ~ 3 spools per month

    The Traditional Stitches Thread Collector Programs have been created to help you ensure that your thread collections are complete.

    Perfect for needleworkers who do not have easy access to needlework supplies.

    When you join the Soie Gobelins Thread Collector Program, we will mail you 3 spools of Soie Gobelins each month at a savings of 10% off of the retail price ($8.95/spool).

    Your Thread Collector Program can be customized to your current stash! Simply enter the Soie Gobelins numbers that you already have (and that don't want doubles of) into the text field above and we will be sure not to include them with your packages.

    Due to the thickness of this item, it will be shipped by parcel post.

    Soie Gobelins Collector Program ~ 3 spools per month

    Item# SGCP
    Price: $24.20
    Please enter the Soie Gobelins color numbers that you have here: