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2021 Fragments in Time Series ~ 8 Pt Collector Program ~ Summer House Stitche Workes

    Beth tells us: "Are you ready for a vacation? I think we all are, so for 2021 we are heading to the sea for our stitching tour!! The 8 individual Fragments were inspired by antique sailor art, valentines and scrimshaw.  Our Tales from the Sea begin as a brilliant sun lights up a stylized ocean. The perfect scene for frolicking whales. We get just a peek as one descends into the frothy depths.

    Next, we see a small schooner, called A Pink, pass us by. Pinks were designed for hauling cargo short distances. It doesn't sound like a very comfortable vessel to cross the Atlantic in, especially in the mid-eighteenth century, but for many German Palatinate immigrants, including one of my ancestors, this is how they came to America.Of course there is a complimentary border pattern!! And an alphabet is included for personalization. All eight Fragments will fit into the border pattern, to give these versatile charts another finishing option.

    The stitch count for each Individual Fragments are approximately 51 x 51. When all 8 Fragments are stitched together with the border pattern, stitched with border pattern will be 245 W x 125 H .

    Click on images above to see the first two charts released.

    The free border pattern can be found at Summer House Stitche Workes.

    You can choose to stitch each design individually or on one piece of fabric. Each 18" x 27" piece of fabric is enough to stitch the sampler or to stitch all 8 pincushions with 2" finishing allowance.

    The models are stitched on 32 ct. Parchment hand dyed linen from Fabrics by Stephanie using hand dyed cotton floss from Weeks Dye Works. If you choose to finish each Fragment into a pincushion, you will need the hand dyed Caribe Chenille trim from Lady Dot Creates for the edge finish (this new colour will be available end of February or early March for us- it's still to be dyed!). We have listed the threads for either the Individually finished Fragments or the 8 designs stitched together with the Free Border offered on the Summer House Stitche Workes website.

    Threads required for the complete series & the Free Border include:
       Weeks Dye Works - 2 skeins of 2107, 2135, 2253; 3 skeins of 2240; 4 skeins of 2220 & 5 skeins of 1298.
      Classic Colorworks - 4 skeins of Blue Beadboard

    Please order this item if you would like to collect all the charts in this series. You can collect the complete series at one time, or have one sent per month for 8 months.

    Please note by ordering this item, you are agreeing to purchase all of the charts in this series. Each chart will be $9.95.

    2021 Fragments in Time Series ~ 8 Pt Collector Program ~ Summer House Stitche Workes

    Item# SHSWFT21CP
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    2021 Fragments in Time Series:
    32 count Parchment hand dyed linen from Fabrics by Stephanie for series ~ 18" x 27" ~ $52.00
    Hand Dyed cotton floss 22 skeins for Designs & border ~ $86.90
    Hand dyed cotton floss 19 skeins for Designs stitched individually ~ $75.05
    DMC Cotton floss conversion for this series of designs including the border 17 skeins ~ $21.25
    Caribe hand dyed Chenille from Lady Dot Creates 1 pack enough to finish 8 Fragments individually ~ $9.95