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A Couple in An Exotic Landscape from The Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlet Letter tells us "This is an unusual late 17th/early 18th century needlework picture (circa 1730). The formula is similar to other examples: a couple flanking a tree, but it is usually more like a biblical "Tree of Life" with deciduous leaves and fruit, and the couples usually look more traditionally western. The exotic woman appears to be holding either a zither or a book: the gentleman appears to be playing a pipe as he leans on a sheep crook. All of the traditional elements are here- shepherd, shepherdess, sheep, dog, yet something is different. The "Tree of Life" looks more like a palm tree, or possibly a tobacco plant. Many needlework pictures made during this period, 1680-1740, were inspired by the new discoveries of mariners and men of science as excursions to the west teased and opened the minds of English embroiderers more than three centuries ago."

    When stitched on 40 count linen, the finished piece will measure approximately 12" x 14".  Cross stitch is the only stitch required.

    We suggest stitching on Lambswool linen from Wichelt and stitching with silks from Soie d'Alger. DMC Cotton conversion is included with the chart.

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    A Couple in An Exotic Landscape from The Scarlet Letter

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    A Couple in an Exotic Landscape chart:
    40 count Lambswool linen from Wichelt 18" x 27" ~ $34.25
    Soie d'Alger silk thread 29 skeins ~ $188.50
    DMC Cotton floss conversion 29 skeins ~ $33.35