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Elizabeth Hicks 1745 ~ A English Sampler from the Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlet Letter tells us: This beautiful. petite, energetic sampler expressed three fine verses and, at the end, one of the truest "signatures" I've ever read on a piece of needlework:

    By this ingenous Maids
    may see what by the
    needle wrought
    may be

    The three verses on the sampler are separated by floral and geometric pattern bands executed in cross and counted satin stitches. The color on the front of the sampler is very nearly as bright as the back. The original sampler is currently undergoing cleaning and conservation, and will be offered for sale soon.

    Here are the great verses:

    Make much of precious Time while in your Power
    Be careful well to husband ev'ry hour:
    For Time Will come When you shall sore lament
    The unhappy Minutes that you have misspent

    If you desire to worship God aright
    First in the Morning pray, and last at Night.
    Crave for his Blessing on your Labours all.
    And in Distress for his Assistance call.

    Return the Kindness that you receive
    As far as your Ability gives leave:
    Nothing is more unmannerly and rude
    Than that vile Temper of Ingratitude.

    Elizabeth Hicks ended her sampler on the 20th of July, 1745, when she was fourteen years old.

    Design size is approx. 9.5" x 14" on 40 count linen. Calls for Soie d'Alger silk thread and has a conversion to DMC floss available. Please check the boxes above to have these items added to your order.

    Elizabeth Hicks 1745 ~ A English Sampler from the Scarlet Letter

    Item# SLEHicks
    Price: $39.95
    40 count Lambswool linen 18" x 27" ~ $32.00
    Soie d'Alger silk thread 16 skeins ~ $108.00
    DMC conversion cotton floss 16 skeins ~ $16.80