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A Flamestitch Sampler 1760 from the Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlet Letter tells us: "This sampler is designed after a mid-18th century piece, unsigned and undated, but perhaps made in northern England or in the Scottish borders. The solidly stitched lower half suggests it might have been worked as a rehearsal for a more advanced project, such as a pocketbook, upholstered cushion, chair back, or drapery. The counted thread flame-stitched section is quite simple to execute: it consists of continuously overlapping vertical straight stitches, each one overlapping four threads of linen and overlapping two."

    Northern England or Scotland origin. The stitch count is 264h x 212w. The finished size is approximately 15 1/2" x 12". Stitches used are cross, eyelet, and straight (flame or Irish stitch).

    The model was stitched on 35 count linen using Soie d'Alger silk floss (DMC conversions are included). Please check the boxes above to add these items to your order.

    A Flamestitch Sampler 1760 from the Scarlet Letter

    Item# SLFS
    Price: $23.95
    35 count Lambswool linen 18" x 27" ~ $29.50
    Silk floss from Soie d'Alger 23 skeins ~ $155.25
    DMC Cotton floss 23 skeins ~ $26.45