Daylight Swan Table Top Lamp ~ White ~ U23020-01 ~ 1 only!

    From Daylight's web site: "This new table top lamp has been designed with you in mind. We understand that working in comfort is very important to you, that's why it features our unique 'Easy-Twist' movement. Effortlessly, you can twist the head and direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around. This fantastic lamp also comes with a flicker free 18w Daylight energy saving tube (equiv. 100w). This lamp will soon become your best partner for all your craft projects!"

    Height: 44.5cm (17 inches)
    Weight: 3.18kg (7 lbs)
    Arm length: 44cm (17 inches)
    Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches)
    Lens magnification: 1.75x
    Light: 18W (100W)< p>Please check the box above to order an extra bulb. Bulbs are also available separately at a later date if you prefer.

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    Daylight Swan Table Top Lamp ~ White ~ U23020-01 ~ 1 only!

    Item# U23020
    Price: $269.95
    U13621 Replacement Tube $34.95