Gingerbread Flower Shop kit from The Victoria Sampler

    This exclusive kit includes everything you need to stitch this wonderful Gingerbread Flower Shop!
    It is the latest release in the Gingerbread Village; including the Tree Etui, the Stitching House, Church, Candy Cane Cottage, Bakery, Haunted House, Needlework Shop, Quilt Shop, and Retreat Cottage!

    This little Gingerbread Flower Shop looks positively European with its striped awnings and colourful floral display!
    At the front of the shop you’ll see buckets full of cut flowers, a topiary tree with French Knot blossoms, a potted Christmas Tree and a potted Sunflower, while the shopkeeper brings out a flat of forgetmenots. On the back, you see more staff working at their potting counter where there are a variety of flowers. On the two sides are fantasy specialty stitched flowers to learn to stitch, our focus for the class! The roof is decorated with white buttons and Cross Stitched snow, and there are a few lovely vines under the eaves. You will be stitching with yummy silk flosses, Perle Cottons, silk ribbon, sparkling beads and delicious looking ‘candy’ buttons. This building was not lined, which makes finishing easier and faster!

    Finishing instructions and colour photos are included in the leaflet.

    Gingerbread Flower Shop kit from The Victoria Sampler

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